Friday, 25 October 2013

Lush Cinders Bath Bomb

Here's the first of many reviews of the Lush Christmas Collection (you can see what I bought here) and unfortunately, it's not one of the best reviews i've done of a Lush product. I'm always so disappointed when a bath bomb doesn't go as I expect and turns out to be just a boring addition to my bath, and it's a shame to say that Cinders is exactly this. 

I was expecting a whirling of reds and yellows and crackling whilst it dissolved but I got none of this and it just ended up turning my bath a mustardy yellow colour, kinda looking like a bath full of wee! The crackles hadn't dissolved and just sat at the bottom of the bath and I couldn't really smell the 'fruit punch' fragrance it claims to hold. 

Once I let out the bath water, it also left a grubby yellow line around the bath that took a good bit of Jif and elbow grease to remove - not something I want to be doing when i've just got myself clean! However, it did have did leave my skin soft once I was dry, which is something I like as it means I don't have to moisturise! 

There are so many things I love from Lush but unfortunately Cinders, you are not on that list. You can buy Cinders here for £2.45 but I would save the disappointment and go for something else! 

Have you tried Cinders!? Was it the same for you!?