Tuesday 1 October 2013

Leicester Bloggers Meet up

On Saturday, I attended Hareem's Leicester meet up for Bloggers around the area. It was a small get together with just 16 of us, all living quite local. We met in Highcross and started the day off with a viewing of the Autumn Winter Fashion Show! 
The show had 8 themes going from Tartan to Lace and all of the clothes worn were BEAUTIFUL! I eyed up a few pairs of shoes, handbags and a skirt from Bank which I NEED! Before we were seated, we were all given a free meal for 2 voucher at Chilacas so I guess i'm going to have to go back soon and claim my free grub ;) Wasn't expecting anything like that at all. The models were all gorgeous and I had serious leg envy the whole show! 
After the Fashion Show, a few of us went shopping and others went for some breakfast. I ventured to MAC as I wanted some shadows to start filling my Quad. See what I got in a future post! I had the chance to meet some lovely girls too! It's always nice to meet new bloggers that live close to you! A chance for future meet ups or even shopping trips are made easier this way! 
We then headed over to Bella Italia and had a lovely meal together. I went for the Calzone but couldn't eat it all! (I then had KFC at home but shhhhh!) And we were all given a goodie bag (this actually happened earlier in the day but we got chance to take a sneak peak at what was in them here) and Hareem was so generous with the products she gave us! So, thank you for those and for organising the meet up! I know how stressful it is!! 

It was lovely seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones! Who'da thought there'd be so many bloggers in such a small area!? 

 Have you ever been to a local meet up? If you went to this one, leave your links below so I can follow you! 


  1. Hey, I just saw this post retweeted by the Highcross, I'm a Leicester Blogger too! I usually blog lifestyle or fitness stuff. Would love to get involved if you have another meet up, this looks so fun! :D x

  2. What a fantastic event, I'm sure you had lots of fun. If anybody knows of blogger events coming up in the South, please please let me know! Xx


  3. I am so glad you liked the goodies! :) It was so lovely meeting you!
    Hareem xx


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