Monday 14 October 2013

Karibu Seat Review

When Millie started to support her head and sit up, we wanted to get her one of the Bumbo seats. But at £40, they were just too expensive so we went on the hunt for a cheaper version. At the time, Asda had both Bumbo's and Karibu's in stock but the Karibu was only £25 where as the Bumbo was £39.99 without the tray! 

Karibu is exactly the same sort of thing, just a more square seat whereas the Bumbo is round and it also has no harness. A good and a bad thing I guess; good, because you can pop your baby in or out without faffing around with straps. Bad, because she flops down to one side. We've easily solved this though and even now when shes 22 weeks old, she still flops to the side because she's so tiny - we just bulk each side up with a blanket! Voila! 

 Once she's a little bigger and fills it out more, it'll be perfect for when she's having a snack rather than sticking her in her highchair all the time. For now, she just goes in it for 5 or 10 minutes a day when i'm in the kitchen so she can see what i'm doing. She's normally distracted by whatever's on the table though and flops to the side to try and get it! 

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the 'Bumbo', I definitely recommend heading to Asda and grabbing a Karibu instead (you can buy the Karibu here for £25)! 

Have you tried the Karibu before? Would you get this or pay more for the Bumbo?

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