Tuesday 15 October 2013

How to save money when Moving House

This week, we found a house! It was a lovely little 3 bed, semi detached in a lovely new estate. It had a garden, 3 bedrooms (what we wanted), a downstairs toilet, parking etc etc, everything we were looking for! We decided that we wanted to pursue the house and told the estate agents we wanted it...

However, we decided that maybe it wasn't for us. The kitchen was half the size of what we have in the flat and there would be no where to put most of our appliances let alone store everything we have hidden away in the cupboards. The bedroom also didn't have room for both a wardrobe and a set of drawers so the room that would initially be Adam's studio would have been cluttered with clothes etc. We'll find our perfect house soon I hope! 

But, when we do - I plan to make it as cheap as possible. There are so many things to consider when moving house that I have devised 5 little money saving tips to hopefully make it less stressful on you and your purse.

1) Ask family & friends for help! Don't fork out fortunes for removal men! Grab your friends and family and ask them all to take a few items each down to the new house. Organise a day/weekend that you can move everything in and you'll find that you've saved time AND money! 

2) Make a list of what essentials you need. Making a list ensures you don't go out buying things you really don't need to start off with. Essentials could be beds, sofas, appliances (if you don't already own these of course) and then you can ask for other things as moving in presents maybe? A hoover? A blender? Those things will come in handy more than a couple of bottles of wine and a 'In your New Home' card! There are so many things you can get for moving in gifts, just ask and i'm sure they will tell you what it is they want or even need!

3) Try to plan your journeys so you don't end up travelling back and forth 10 times a day. Short journeys in the car will use up more petrol than longer ones so try to maximise each trip as much as you can! Use google maps to see if there is also a shorter route to your new home! 

4) Save, save, save! When you move house, it costs money! Deposits, rent etc, it all builds up. So, if you're not moving just yet but planning too, make sure you have some money stashed so you're not putting yourself out of pocket when the time comes to move! We made sure we have enough to secure a house if we see one, that way, we can tell the landlord that we want it straight away! 

5) Acquire cardboard boxes from your local supermarkets / warehouses. Don't go buying plastic containers or boxes! You will find that your local supermarket will have loads of empty boxes in their warehouse so just ask at customer services if you could have a few. Or, if you live near an industrial estate, just pop into one of the warehouses that has paper bins outside and ask if you can take some of the un-wanted boxes. 99% of the time, they will say yes! 

So, if you know someone that's moving house or if you're planning on moving yourself, lend a hand, a box or a gift and help them to save money! 

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  1. My goodness and I thought buying a house was complicated!

  2. Good luck in your search for a house! My fiance and I are looking to buy at the moment... all a bit stressful but exciting too x


  3. You may be surprised by how much money you can save just by booking in advance.SovereignBoss


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