Monday 21 October 2013

How to Save Money on a Girls Night Out

As you may have seen, I am doing a few 'How to Save Money' posts relating to various subjects. This week i'm covering saving money on a night out. 

Believe it or not, I used to go out Thursday, Friday and Saturday and now, i'm lucky to be going out once a month let alone once a week! Everyone has got such busy lifestyles and since having Millie, I opt for a quiet night in rather than a night out! It also saves money, as you can imagine! 

A survey by Ladbrokes Bingo on what sort of things effected a night out, questioned girls all over the UK on whether they prefer a night in or out and why. Surprise surprise, us Birmingham lasses are cheapskates! 56% of girls asked 'What annoys you on a night out' answered 'Expensive drinks'. As well as this, 56% agreed that the most appealing thing of a night out was how cheap is was and 55% agreed that a girls night in was more appealing that a night on the town! 

1) So, I guess one of the main tips I have for saving money is to stay in! Grab some girls, get everyone to bring a bottle of wine and some snacks, a DVD or playlist and just enjoy each others company without having drunk blokes feeling you up all night! 49% of the girls questioned in the survey preferred a night in with mates over going to the pub, a wine bar or a night club! 

2) Another could be limiting the amount of money you take out. Rather than taking you card out with you and risking a £50 bar bill in your favourite club, take a limited amount of cash so you aren't tempted to spend more than you need. Make sure you pop £10 aside for a taxi if you need to get one home! 

3) Driving rather than drinking is a huge money saver! Soft drinks are a fraction of the price of an alcoholic drink or better still, ask for Soda water and cordial! You won't be paying more than £1 for one of these and no-one will know whether you're drinking Soda or Vodka! 

My friends are always up for a night out but it tends to be just for an occasion such as birthdays etc so when we do get together, it's a one off thing and we always have a laugh but for every weekend, now that i'm a Mum, a night in is definitely my favourite! Even if it's grabbing some of your favourite pamper products, running a bath, whacking the radio up full blast and having a good soak in the tub, it's saving you money and better still, you don't get a hangover! 

So, when it comes down to it, what do you prefer to do!? 
Night out or Night in!?

*In association with Ladbrokes Bingo


  1. I much prefer a night in with my friends....We always have more fun and yes it saves the pennies x

  2. I totally get this, going out as a student was so cheap but now I never have the money nor can I afford a hangover day which is a bummer! I much prefer the pub or night in now.


  3. Great advice :) I much prefer cosy nights in anyway!
    Lovely blog

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