Sunday 20 October 2013

Get Cash for your Clothes!

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you don't wear!? Why not make yourself a bit of cash with them!? 

Music Magpie is something we're all probably aware of in relation to trading in your old CD's / DVD's for a bit of extra cash. Although you don't get pounds from it most of the time, unless you trade in 100's of DVD's / CD's, it's definitely worth just chucking them out and getting nothing for them! Now, you can do the same with your clothes! 

It's so simple - easier than taking them to your charity shop actually! All you have to do is log onto Music Magpie and enter the brand and type of the item you are selling and it will give you an estimate! For example, if you have a Cotton Topshop Dress in a size 10 - you could get £1.19 for it! Not much but add a few more items on and you've got yourself a tenner or even £20! 

Once you have registered your items, pack them up into a box and simply arrange for the FREE courier service to come and collect it! You can then receive your payment via Bank Transfer, Cheque, e-vouchers or even donate the money to charity! I understand that we don't all have branded items of clothes that we'd be willing to part with but if you know that you have a few decent items that you're never going to wear again, why not see how much you can get for them through Music Magpie and clear out your wardrobe! (You can always fill it up again with the money you make ;))

Have you ever used Music Magpie!? Have you ever got rid of your clothes on there!? How much did you make!? 


  1. preciosa estas vellisima el blog me encanta me aria muchisima ilusion te pasaras por el mio aber site gusta besosss

  2. I so need to do this! o many old clothes which need getting rid of.


  3. This is awesome. I didn't know they were doing clothes now too. I was sorting through my room the other day and my next thing to do is clothes. Going to keep this is mind now when I do to see if I have anything worth sending off!! xx


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