Saturday 12 October 2013

Gel Nails

It's in every girls' rights to want their hair done, nails done, make-up etc so when it comes to all of them, you want the best right!? 

I've always been a fan of false nails and the best sort that works for me are Gel extentions. They are Perfect for damaged nails and can help with the natural repair process as there isn't any rough filing done beforehand. They are also, for me, the best sort as the Gel used creates a softer, more flexible nail so they bend with the natural nail and don't ping off like other forms of nail extensions! Whenever i've had nails on, they've lasted for 3-5 weeks, with a little maintenance and re-coat of polish!

My friend has her own mobile beauty business and she is the one that normally does them for me but you can find your nearest salon online to see when you can go and treat yourself to a pampering!

I haven't had false nails on for over a year now due to having Millie etc but I really need to get back on the nail wagon as nail varnish just doesn't stay putt on my natural nails for longer than a day and then i'm too lazy to re-do them, bad beauty blogger! So, do what i'm going to do and treat yourself to a gel manicure!

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  1. I had gels for the first time this jan, I loved them! X

  2. I had mine done once and loved them but they wrecked my real nails, So i stopped but they are fab. x

  3. Oh wow! I was always too scared to get any type of falsies but they sound like they're actually be beneficial, hmm. I want to give them a go now!

    Charlotte - x

  4. I love falsies but I can't wear them for work or college so I have to deal with my real nails, I love the black with the little bow, they're adorable!
    Rosalie x


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