Thursday 10 October 2013

Drop Dead Chocolates

Mmmm... Chocolate. Who doesn't love it, huh!? 

Johnathan, owner of Drop Dead Chocolates, got in contact with me regarding my #EastMidsMeetUp and asked if i'd like to have some of his chocolates in the goodie bags i'm providing. I jumped at the chance hoping that the lovely ladies attending love chocolate as much as I do! He also threw in a couple of sample boxes for me to try out beforehand, so thank you very much! 

I was given 4 boxes with 4 little chocolates in to try and there were also some little pillow chocolates too! The chocolates in the boxes reminded me of the ones you see on Matilda from the chocolate box (if you don't know what i'm on about, i'm disappointed in you). But, being so excited, I ate one of the boxes before even thinking about taking a photo or even remembering what it was i'd just eaten... Ooopsie! 

Neapolitan Stick White - Milk chocolate 'pillow chocolates' are perfect to accompany after dinner coffee. They're not like After Eights but are the perfect finish for a luxurious dinner!

Neapolitan Stick Black - Dark chocolate 'pillow chocolates', more rich in flavour and something I personally couldn't eat a lot of. Perfect if you love dark chocolate though! 

 Red Box - Just Chocolate - This was my favourite box of them all. The chocolated are a smooth, milk chocolate truffle in which you could eat until you were sick! The flavour wasn't too much and it just tasted like a good piece of chocolate should! *mouth begins to water* 

Black Box - Cafe - These chocolates are very rich and they're chocolates that I call 'treat yourself chocolates' as you only need one every so often. The flavour is rich and intense and they are a little liqueury too!

Purple Box - Marzipan - Another good selection as i'm a fan of marzipan but this didn't taste like marzipan. It was a coconutty texture and the taste wasn't overpowering. I sat and ate 2 of these and then felt like I couldn't eat anymore. So very rich but not as much as the Cafe box.

"Drop Dead Chocolates have been born out of the success of Perception Presentation Chocolates. Perception have been supplying besoke luxury chocolates and confectionery to the country's leading hotels and restaurants for over 20 years.We have used this wealth of experience to produce a range of luxury chocolates for the retail market.We are not tied to one chocolate supplier and have used our extensive experience to select a range of wonderful chocolates from the world's leading manufacturers. Whilst many of the leading manufacturers are still Belgian, there are an increasing number of quality small scale UK manufacturers. As a british company we seek to support homegrown talent and as such will endeavour to offer the best of British where it meets our exacting standards."
With sample boxes starting from just £3.50 and bigger boxes from £24.50, why not treat yourself, or even use them as a little stocking filler for Christmas! They're perfect indulgent chocolates that even your Nan will be pleased to find in her stocking!! 


  1. Mmm they look scrummy!! Makes me wish that somebody else would drop out so I can have their place haha! x

  2. I won't lie, this made my mouth water! Kirsty x


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