Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Crownbrush: First Impressions

I've been in dyer need of some new eye brushes and because the Real Techniques Eye Collection is on my Christmas List, I thought i'd treat myself to some Crownbrush Brushes as i've heard such good things about them! 

I've got so many palettes full of eyeshadows that i'm dying to use and create looks with but I only have a few decent brushes so, here's what I got:

I did find though, that on 2 of the brushes, I had to trim stray bristles that were sticking out. I didn't want to risk pulling them incase they pulled out more but I didn't expect to have to do this from such a well know manufacture of make-up brushes. Hopefully they were just one offs and they will remain in good condition... The one thing I hate about brushes is loosing bristles so i'll keep you posted on what happens when I have used them all! However, on first impressions, they are really soft brushes and the handles are quite long too on most of them but the smaller brushes (C151 / C148), they're shorter so you get more control over what you're doing. 

Overall, i'm really impressed and can't wait to start using my new brushes! 

Have you tried Crownbrush before!?