Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Blogging Pet Hates

Now... I write this post with no intention to hurt anyone's feelings or to make negative comments about how some people may blog. It is purely a post of pet hates that I have when reading blogs and thought if they are things that annoy me, it must annoy others too! Feel free to agree, disagree or comment if you want to - but as I said, I am NOT doing this to intentionally upset people for the way they write their posts. I'm a pretty 'say what you feel' kinda person and this post shows that in the worst best kind of way!

So, shall I get started!? 

Lipstick Swatches: It's all well and good showing swatches of lipsticks on your hand, not going to lie... I used to do this too as it's just easier & quicker than putting 5 different shades on your lips and taking photos. But I prefer to see the colour of lipsticks on peoples lips as that's where it will be worn! Try to take a photo of the colour on you rather than just a picture of your hands.  

Lipstick photos: Leading on from the lipstick swatches, when you do choose to take a photo of lipstick on your lips, please make sure you have waxed your lip or at least photoshopped your lip hairs out!! Everyone has hair on their lips, some are lucky enough to have fair hair and isn't noticeable and I understand that not everyone is prim and proper in the body hair department but if you're taking a close up photo that shows you have lip hair, especially if you have dark hair, do something about it.  

Structure of posts: One thing that REALLY bugs me is poor structure of posts. Not necessarily grammar, but the layout. There really isn't any need to split what could be a 3 paragraph post into 200 sentences! It gets boring, makes the post look 10x longer than it really is and it's just not a good way of writing! 

Repetitive photos: I'm all for photo-heavy posts, especially if the quality of the images is good but when there are 10 photos of the same thing, it's pointless! 

Photo placement: You know when your blog width isn't big enough and your photos flop over the edge? No!? Well make sure you do! I hate seeing photos hanging over the edge of the layout! Its easy enough to adjust the widths to make sure it all fits! 

False opinions: I believe that if you like a product, it reflects in the review you write about it. If you don't, but pretend too... This also shows. Not necessarily bad reviews, but false opinions of something you're pretending you love when you really hate it, isn't the way to go. Just because the PR promised you future sponsorships if you brag about the product isn't good blogging! 

Reviews: Leading on from false opinions, I also believe that you need to have actually used the product more than once to give an honest review. Just because you bought something 2 days ago, doesn't mean you can review it. You may love it to start with but after multiple uses, something may stand out and make you hate it. Be sure what you're writing is honest if it's a review, if it's based on first impressions, make sure you state this! 

Un-necessary purchasing of products: This is a little off topic but it still fits into my pet hates. When someone buys every, single product from a collection and then 2 weeks later, you see it in their blog sale... Yes. It happens. I used to follow a few people that constantly bought beauty / skincare items and then sold them a month or so later. Obviously buying them at the time for credit and hits but then realising they actually don't like it or simply can't afford it! Unless you run your own business, have won the lottery or are simply rolling in it, I don't believe that anyone can afford to spend £100+ every week on beauty items! (if you can, i'm jealous!) 

Comments: When you get a comment on your OOTD saying 'I love this skirt, where is it from?' and you have clearly stated it was from Topshop. Or, even worse, when you have a comment that has NOTHING to do with that post. You can tell when someone has read it properly or just looked at the pictures and it annoys me SO MUCH. I should comment on posts more, I do admit. But when I do, I do it because I have something I genuinely want to comment on rather than just doing it in hopes of having my blog looked at in return! 

Spamming: Leading on from comments, spamming comments. Leaving your link, a link to your twitter and a link to your giveaway will not make me want to read your blog. It will make me want to delete your comment and cyber punch you in the face. There is no problem leaving a link to your blog after you've made a comment but No-one likes spammers so don't do it.  

So, there you have 10 things I hate when reading blogs... I hope I haven't offended anyone though! These are just points that always seem to make me scream a little inside! I'm no pro when it comes to blogging but i'm sure i'm not the only one that these things rattle! Am I!?

Do any of these things annoy you!? Please tell me if they do!