Friday 11 October 2013

Autumn/Winter Fashion: Handbags

If you've been keeping tabs on my blog, you'll know i've been doing a few Autumn Winter inspired fashion wish lists. This week, it's all about bags! 

I never really used to be a bag girl and honestly, would rather just grab my phone, keys and purse and just head out but now I have Millie, i've started to dump my things in her change bag then forgetting they're in there and just going out of my mind trying to find whatever it is I put in there! So, i'm on the hunt for a new bag. It needs to go with pretty much everything I wear so I think i'm going to go for a black one, similar to the Fiorelli one below. I do, however, want a coloured one too for jazzier outfits so i'm going to keep my eyes peeled. Ideally, i'd love an Orange Micheal Kors bag, but we all know how likely that is of happening! 

Untitled #27

The bags above are all under £100 so relatively afforable to most peolple. I love Fiorelli bags at the moment. They're dead classy but still stylish and not too 'old womany' which I hate in a handbag! I've always been a sucker for Pauls Boutique bags too as they are just so different and stand out but the Khaki coloured one above it's too in your face and I really like to style of it! 

I've got a few on my Christmas list so i'll have to wait and see which one Santa chooses for me! 

Have you got your eye on any bag inparticular for Autumn/Winter?! Let me know which! 


  1. What a great selection of bags, I really like the Marc B one, it looks amazing! Xx

  2. This is a great selection. I really like the Pauls Boutique one. I need to get a new bag soon, the lining has ripped in one of mine -any excuse!!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  3. That River Island one is gorgeous!!! I love it - might have to add that one to my Christmas wish list :)

  4. love the Fiorelli bag!

    lovely post
    zofia xo

  5. I just bought a bag today that's the same shape as the Zara one - see my instagram. It's from Matalan for £15 and looks way more expensive than it is! I was very impressed.

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  6. Lovely selection & I can't believe they're all under £100. The Topshop & Marc B ones are my fave


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