Friday 4 October 2013

Autumn Lipsticks

So, everyone seems to have autumn make-up, summer make-up blah blah blah, but me... I just have make-up. I don't season my make-up as I don't see the point. If you want to wear bright orange lipstick in the middle of November, why can't you!? But, I do believe deeper shaded lipsticks are PERFECT for Autumn and I love a good dark shade. I feel you can't really wear it much through summer without looking like a goth. 

At the moment, i've been having a bit of a splurge buying MAC lipsticks. I've bought 4 in the last 6 weeks. Oops, but two of my favourites are below. They all look quite similar when they're on the lips but all have different finishes. When they're not swatched, the look like completely different colours so I thought it'd be good to show you all what they look like on the lips rather than just from the lipstick. 

Mulberry, Just a Bite, Viva Glam 1, Cherry. 
Sleek - Mulberry
MAC - Just a Bite
MAC - Viva Glam 1
Sleek - Cherry 
As you can see, the last 3 are all quite similar although they have different finishes. Just a Bite has quite a satin sort of finish although it is a Matte shade. Viva Glam is a very Matte shade and Cherry again is quite a glossy finish. They all give different looks too and are all perf for dark, dreary days! 

Have you got any favourite lipsticks for Autumn? I'd love to see them! 


  1. dark shades look so gorgeous on you! I recently invested in Mac's Rebel and Ruby Woo which I'm loving for autumn, I've been on a Mac splurge myself recently it's so addictive isn't it haha x

  2. hehe I'm like you, I just really wear what I want on my face when I want! These all look gorgeous, can't go wrong with red can you?! I've been addicted to Mac Hue since I re-purchased it, I'm on my second one now aand I've worn it every single day haha obsessed!! x


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  4. they all look amazing! I just bought some new Mac lippies - dark side I'm hoping is going to be somewhere int he middle if Mulberry and just a bite... so into reds for autumn :)

    Charlotte - xx


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