Wednesday 23 October 2013

A night in with Goodfellas

It's true that many of us don't make time for friends or family. I for one, am a criminal of this, especially seeing friends but because my best friend lives in Devon, my other 2 closest friends work quite a lot - seeing them proves to be tough! Even spending quality time with Adam is difficult now we have Millie but we do try! 

Goodfella's were running a campaign to bring friends together again. Now, I could have waited until there was a day that my friends were free and invited them round to consume the contents of the night in box I was sent, but I could have been waiting weeks so... Instead of our normal friday night take away, Me & Adam decided to make time for each other. We got Millie to bed and rather than spending £15 on pizza like we normally do, we popped down the shop and got some extra chicken pieces and salad to go with the pizza Thin and Crispy Goodfella's had provided. 

It came wrapped in a huge box with a bow - when I first saw it I had no idea what it was! It didn't just come with a pizza (well, a voucher for a pizza) it was filled with all the perfect goodies for a relaxing night in - Pizza board, pizza cutter, 2 bottles of Wine, wine opener, Classical Music CD, 2 Lily Flame Candles and a disposable camera! 

We poured the wine, cooked the food, put on an episode of Dexter (which is what we're currently loving at the moment) and didn't open up our laptops the whole night! (This again, is something we're both guilty of doing. Sitting on our laptops instead of talking to each other!) 

We went for the Pepperoni and Chorizo Extra Thin pizza and even though we're normally lovers of the deep dish, this was amazing! It wasn't too crispy that you felt like you were crunching biscuits and went perfectly with the toppings! We actually said that we'd rather get this and a bit of salad and some chips rather than a takeaway on Friday night! 

We probably should have took a few selfies too but we very rarely have photos together, just not that sort of couple really! But keep an eye out soon as i'll be doing a relationship tag style post where you can learn more about Adam! 

So all in all, Goodfellas definitely gave us a perfect, chilled night in with all the added extras! 

Will you be doing this soon!? You should! 


  1. That looks amazing! I'm gluten intolerant so can't eat pizza unless I make it myself which is the worst as I used to love it!



    And the pizza. Mostly the pizza.

  3. Sounds like a perfect night in! The pizza looks delicious! xx

  4. Sounds like a lovely night in, this has made me want to order a pizza now aha, my other half and I are guilty of being on laptops instead of talking too so I might suggest to him we do this instead of our usual takeaway on a night in too.
    Rosalie x

  5. Wow!! This post made me hungry :)))) Wonderful!


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