Friday 13 September 2013

Witch Redness Relief Moisturiser

It doesn't happen very often, but when I find a holy grail product, I feel like it has to be shared with the rest of the world! 

A few months back, Ellie from Ellie's Ramblings, nominated me as the Witch Flawless Follower and we both won a Witch product of our choice. I chose the Redness Relief as I suffer with red blemishes around my nose and chin and thought it'd be good to give something I haven't heard much of a go! 

The packaging is nice and simple and states exactly what is does and is and the tube means that you don't use more than you need to. I was a little shocked when I saw it was green but once applied, you can't tell whether it's green or blue or pink! I apply this everyday and have found it has made a huge difference! I'm not reaching for concealer as much (only for the nasty circles under my tired eyes) and it has eliminated a lot of the veiny redness around my nose! I wish I had taken before and after pictures but this has been a process working over 2 months or so, so it may have been hard to notice the difference in pictures! 

Because you only really need a tiny amount to cover the area you wish to treat, it doesn't leave your skin greasy or dry and hasn't broke me out in any spots either! 

Like I said, i've been using this now for over 2 months and there is still so much left. If you find that you have the same skin as me and get red blemishes, I definitely recommend that you try this! You can buy it here for £6.99 

Have you tried any Witch products before? I'd love to know what you think! 


  1. Sounds amazing!! I have a primer that's also green to counteract my redness and it works good, but a moisturizer sounds even better! =D

    The Austrian Rose

  2. This sounds really ideal for me! i can get slightly red around my nose but this would work wonders! x

  3. I spotted this the other day and looked kinda nice! I might actually get it as I get some redness in winter. :(

    Great review! :)
    Hareem x


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