Thursday 26 September 2013

What's Millie Doing? #4

And so here we are again. I'm a little late on this one as i've been meaning to write it up for a while but kept forgetting to upload the pictures of her so now we're at the 21 week mark, 5 MONTHS OLD! Wow. 
The little baby girl we bought home 5 months ago is slowly growing into a little person, a proper little girl with a huge set of lungs! We've tried to make a few changes this last month and if you've seen my updates on Twitter, we're very tired because of it... We used to give Millie a dummy. Not all the time, just to go to sleep with. Once she was in a deep enough sleep, she'd spit it out but then at night, she'd wake up crying for it realising it was no longer in her mouth. We'd have to get up and give it her 3/4 times a night and the one night she woke over 10 times for it and I just had enough so, from then on, we took away the dummy and tried Timed Comforting (I will explain this a little more in another post). It was hard and took a few days to break but once we did, it worked. For a while. We're now back to square one and feels like she's a newborn again. Waking 2/3 times a night crying and sometimes won't settle. It's really starting to take its toll so we hope it's just a phase and she'll get back into a good sleeping routine soon! 

Other than this...

  • She has 6oz at each feed, 7oz in the morning and we try to give her 7oz at night. Although, this week, we've started to dreamfeed her at 10pm to see if  that will help with her night waking. Will update you later on this.
  • She has Banana cereal at 11am (breakfast) and Carrot or Sweet Potato Puree at 5pm (dinner) and loves it! 
  • She now weighs just over 13lbs. Teeny tiny compared to some babies younger than her that I know of! 
  • She definitely knows our voices now. If we're talking whilst trying to feed her, she has none of it. She's so nosy and wants to see what's going on around her!
  • She can roll around so well. We can put her on the floor, turn our back for 10 seconds  and she's in a completely different place / postion!
  • She is now sleeping in her cot although, it's still in our room until we find a house and move out!
  • She absolutely LOVES having a bath. I swear she knows when its time for one. She gets super excited, kicks her legs and giggles and screams when we carry her into the bathroom!
  • She is getting really strong and can support herself easily without flopping forwards or backwards, or to the side for that matter! 
  •  She enjoys watching Waybuloo and In The Night Garden. It keeps her quiet whilst we're preparing or eating dinner! 
  • She's found her feet and every opportunity she gets, they're in her mouth! 

  • That's pretty much it for major changes. Stay tuned as i'm going to be popping up a 'Dummy vs. No Dummy' post and would love to hear your opinions on it! 


    1. Aw wow she's getting so big! Good luck with the new changes!!
      Not sure if you're interested hun but Im starting a new blogger project based on Anti-Ageing, have a nose at my blog if you fancy it :)

      Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

    2. My goodness she is such a gorgeous baby! I hope she gets settled when sleeping soon so you're not exhausted!

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    3. Awhh she's so so beautiful! Such a gorgeous little baby!

    4. Aw she is so cute! Sienna used to do this with her dummy and I debated taking it away from her but since then she's been sleeping better than ever! Weird!

      Kerry @ Lived With Love! | Mummy, Beauty & Lifestyle blog

    5. Oh my gosh the 4 little pouty face crying photos are adorable! I love the pouty faces babies pull with their bottom lip out. Millie is an absolute little cutie :)
      Love Em x

    6. She is adorable! Lover her converse!! My little one loved the bath at that age also, couldn't get him out lol

      xo, Janelle @ GlamorousMama


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