Tuesday 10 September 2013

Weleda Baby Oil

It's not just us beauty bloggers that get treats from companies, babies do too! Millie is forever being sent products to try out and although she can't give her opinion, Me & Adam certainly can! 

One of the most recent things we've been sent is the Caledula Baby Oil* from Weleda. I was sent some shampoo samples along with some Nappy cream and Baby oil. I haven't got round to the shampoo yet and we don't use nappy creams on her as she doesn't need them but the lotions we have, we use every night and try to alternate them too! 

This Caledula oil is as it says, oily. Other lotions we have have been more of a cream base. It's not a bad thing but we find that it leaves her skin a little sticky and slippy rather than smooth. It doesn't absorb into her skin as well as the lotions do but it does help her dry scalp better than some of the others. We like that it's made with natural ingredients as, like any parents, we don't want to expose her skin to anything chemically unnatural before we really need to. 

It's a good oil to use if your baby has dry skin, but Millie's is fine and doesn't really need the extra oils, apart from on her scalp. We use this maybe once a week and it does the job perfectly! You can buy the Baby Caledula Oil and many other baby products here for £9.95.

Have you used any Weleda Baby products!? What did you think of them?! 


  1. I love Weleda products, Noah has used the calendula nappy cream in the past. He doesn't get nappy rash but I use it as a barrier cream at bedtime as he has the nappy on for so long, I worry that he may get sore! xx

    Quite Frankly She Said - UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ohh, i've never really thought of using it as a barrier for night time! I may try that though and see if it stops her from wiggling around so much in the mornings!



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