Sunday, 8 September 2013

TAG: My Firsts

I was tagged by Lianne to do the My First's post. I think it's a little similar to the 'my first time' videos on Youtube but in blog form. So, here are a few of My 'Firsts' and i've added in a couple of my own: 

First concert
I don't know if you can really class this as a concert but it was the Disney Awards. There were bands on (although I can't really remember who) and awards for TV Programmes etc. I think I was 7 or 8 when I went and it was my older cousins who took me! 

First Kiss
My first proper kiss was with a boy called Liam. I went to school with him and its pretty much a blur because it was so long ago! I'd had a few pecks before that but tongues made an appearance in this one! 

First best friend
When I was in pre-school/school, I had a few close friends, not necessarily a best friend. I also had 2 sets of friends really as I had my friends at home and at school. At school, I was really close with a few girls in which I rarely speak to now until I went to high school and there were a few of us in a group but from the age of about 11, my best friend was Rachel. She's still one of my best friends and although she lives in Devon now, when we do see each other - it's like we were never apart! 

First Job
My first paid job was a paper round I had when I was 13. At times, I hated it! I can remember throwing the papers into the river too once... I quit not long after that, ha! 

First Music I Bought
I think one of the first cassettes I bought was one of the Spice Girls' singles. Who didn't!? 

First Phone
My uncle gave me my first phone, it was an old one of his and I was so happy to get it. It was one of the really chunky Motorola's with a huge sticky up aerial! 

First Car
I absolutely LOVED my first car. It was a bright Orange Saxo & everyone knew me for it. I bought it for £750 and it never let me down! I went everywhere in the little bumble bee & I was so distraught when I had to get rid of it when I started uni. I walked home crying I was that upset, haha! 

First Tweet
JUNE 2009 "@MissEmmaLou_ is watching Hollyoaks trying to get used to this Twitter "/"

First Make up
The first bits of make up I had were things that my Mum had given me. Eyeshadows, A lipstick, some blush and a few make up brushes!

First Celebrity Crush
I had a HUGE thing for Blazin' Squad. Pretty much all of them but Stryder and Kenzie to be exact. Photographic evidence follows...

First holiday without parents
I went to Bulgaria with a girl I used to work with at Halfords. It wasn't a party holiday as I was only 16 and wasn't really going on holiday for that sort of thing but it was so nice to get away without parents. I've been away with friends every year since that now! 

First blog post
I actually had a site before I set up Not Your Average and I deleted it, but you can see my first post on Not Your Average here

So, there's a bunch of my firsts... Let me know if you do this tag too!