Thursday 19 September 2013

Our Flat; Living Area

I'm always so curious as to what people's homes look like and although it's nothing special, I thought I'd share with you our little flat. 

Its a simple 2 bed, ground floor apartment with an open plan living/kitchen area. I love living here, it's close to all the local amenities, walking distance to the main town, shops and pub and is 45 minutes away from Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester and Derby. Pretty central. 
Initially, it (and still is) is Adam's flat. He got it when I was at university and then obviously, I fell pregnant blah blah and moved in with him so it was lucky that he decided to get it really! He's pretty much paid my way for the whole time I've been here so when we eventually move out into a house, it'll be my pleasure to furnish it how we want to and not let Adam pay a penny towards any of it. 
Banksy dupe Canvas from Kingston, London (similar here)
Adams Kidrobot Collection
Porcelain crumpled style Coffee/Espresso/Cappuccino cups from Amazon & Portobello Market, London
Obey poster from eBay

Fridge magnets from eBay
 Ladybug Tank canvas from Kingston, London (similar here)
Our flat at the moment is just what we need but is getting a little cramped and full of clutter due to little miss and it doesn't have a garden which is one of the main things we want a house for. If we could installed bi-folding doors or something similar, onto the little grassy area that it backs out onto, it would be perfect! We could have a little decking and it would open out the living area a little more than it is now, But unfortunately, we can't. 

So, that's our Living area. Stay tuned for the next room...
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  1. That's one lovely and neat living area, I can guarantee I'll never have such a clear space because of all my collections.


    Beauty, Miscellany

  2. Ohh looks fab! You have a lovely home x

  3. It's a cute little house!! I'm currently on the looks for a small studio apartment, since I'm moving cities (and countries for that matter) and I'm so excited about the whole furnishing!!! =D Although I'll probably be sleeping on the floor the first few months xD

    The Austrian Rose

  4. Cool flat and very tidy considering the new addition!!!!Deane @ScaredooUK

  5. awww such a lovely home.
    love d kidrobot display

  6. Aww your flats so lovely! I love the cups too, they're so cool!
    Saadiya x


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