Tuesday 24 September 2013

Mini Haul

So this weekend, Me & Adam had a weekend in Birmingham. We had a few hours shopping on Saturday, went for some yummy tapas at The Green Room and then went to see The Lion King at the Hippodrome. We stayed over in a travelodge too as it's a nice change from being at the flat. We did it to celebrate the fact we've been together 2 years this week, crazy! 

I had a few items in mind that I wanted to get but because Brum was so busy (if you go on a Saturday often enough, you'll know what I mean) I only got the things I could be arsed to look for which meant my MAC items were forgotten about as it's like a playground full of kids there on weekends and i'd rather wait to go elsewhere for them! 

Vintage Cosmetics Co Eyelash Curlers - £7.00
Babylips - £2.99
17 Phoar Paint - £5.49
Real Techniques Stippling Brush - £10.99
Happy Hippy Shower Gel - £4.95
River Island Black Cami - £10.00

Adam tried a bubble tea for the first time too but was a little unsure about it. He couldn't quite understand how it was ok to eat the little balls in the bottom, haha! I went for a frozen yogurt which wasn't all that as the plain was broken so I had to have vanilla and it just didn't taste the same :( 

There are still a few items I want to get so when I go into Leicester on Saturday, I plan on getting these and then for shopping for myself, that's it until after Christmas! 

Have you done a spot of shopping lately? What did you buy!? 


  1. I love the pigmentation of the baby lips! Lovely blog and post x


  2. Baby Lips is so amazing! I love it so much (:

  3. I really want to try that Phoar paint! Even if it has the cringiest name, ever.

  4. I am trying to shop my stash at the moment but I really want to try the 17 Phoar pain & have heard dome good reviews. Might have to treat myself

  5. I LOVE Happy Hippy! What do you think of Phoar paint? I'm thinking of trying it, but I'm not sure

  6. I need to get to Lush again soon, i've not tried happy hippy but my favourite is Flying Fox. I found you through FB, now following!

    Lauren | Belle du Brighton x


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