Thursday, 12 September 2013

MAC Lipsticks; Velvet Teddy & Up the Amp

Everyone seems to be posting about their favourite MAC Lipsticks at the moment, so... I thought i'd join in! 

I've only recently jumped on the MAC Lipsticks band wagon and unfortunately for me, just after I did, the price went up to £15. £15 for a Lipstick!? Ridiculous. But not ridiculous enough for us beauty bloggers aye!? I picked up 'Velvet Teddy' when I was in Brighton and 'Up the Amp' a while back but haven't yet blogged about them. I find that recently, they are my go-to lipsticks and i'm loving them! 

Velvet Teddy is a natural kind of colour, not something I usually go for but you can see that you're wearing lipstick when you apply it which is what I like. It's not drying and is long lasting, just like most of the others!
Up the Amp is a gorgeous plummy purple which isn't too bright once applied but leaves a really nice pigmentation on the lips. I find it leaves a bit of a stain on my lips after it's been on for a few hours but nothing a wet wipe can't solve! 

Overall, i'm loving both of these lipsticks and they are fast becoming my favourites over Girl About Town!

What is your favourite MAC Lipstick!?