Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to Save Money when Buying Make Up Online

This post is something I thought would be useful to all you shopaholics out there! There are a few obvious ways to save money when it comes to buying make up: 2-4-1 Offers, Buy one Get one Free offers etc but these are pretty much just drawing us in to actually spend more money. Do you really need 3 of the same blush just because it's on offer!? What i'm going to share will be ways to actually SAVE money when looking to buy make up. 

1) Buy from websites that stock the product(s) you're looking for rather than buying from the Manufactuer direct. For example, if you buy MAC products direct from MAC you are always paying full price. £15.00 for lipsticks, £10.00 for eyeshadow refills, you know the rest... But, if you sign up to Debenhams Beauty club and keep an eye out for promotions and offers, you can guarentee at least 4 times a year, they have a 10% off or even 20% off event. Alongside this, you get Beauty Club points which are redeemable in store or online so, spending money through Debenhams for brands you won't get in stores like Boots, will save you money at the time and also in future. 
2) Use store card points whenever possible. If you have £5.00 in points on your Boots card or Superdrug card, use it towards a £10.00 product and save yourself some money! Don't feel like you have to spend another £5.00 to make up for it though as that just goes against the objective! 
3) ASOS stock Beauty products, remember! If you're a student, you get 10% off purchases on ASOS and sometimes they have 15% and 20% events too so look out for these and grab yourself a bargain. I find that NARS have the biggest discounts on ASOS, so keep this in mind next time you go to purchase an Orgasm ;) 
4) Look out for buy back schemes such as Lush's 5 pot policy and MAC's Back to MAC. 5 empty product pots from Lush will get you a FREE face mask worth £5.95+ and 6 empty MAC containers will get you a FREE Lipstick worth £15.00. Overall, you may have spent more than that but rather than throwing them away, take them into store and save yourself from buying something later on that month (or year)! 
5) BLOG SALES! If you are looking at upping your collection in eyeshadows, nail varnishes, lipsticks or even skincare; check out blog sales! There are some ridiculous bargains on people's blog sales and you can normally save up to 50% or even more. The product may have been used once or twice but normally, they are in pretty good condition! 
6) Cheaper Beauty sites that have old collections on such as Fragrance Direct and Xtras are perfect for saving money! If you don't mind being behind in collections and just like a lipstick because of the colour, then opt for these sort of sites and you can be kind to your purse and also your make up bag! 
These are just a few things that I can let you in on that I feel are instant money savers when it comes to buying Make up and even skincare! It's all about saving money though remember so just because you saved £7.00 somewhere, it doesn't mean you can go and spend that somewhere else! 
Do you have any good money saving tips when it comes to buying Make up!?