Monday, 23 September 2013

Disney DVD Wishlist

Everyone loves a good DVD and what better collection is there than the Disney Originals?! 

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This year, i've told myself i'm going to start collecting the Disney DVD's, but to start with, only the originals! None of the Pixar or Animated stuff, not until my originals collection starts growing! And, believe it or not, there are still quite a few Disney films I have never seen!!

I have started to get some these last few months and Millie absolutely loves them! Anything with singing and music in and she's all ears. She will happily sit in her bouncer watching Aladdin or Minnie Mouse for over an hour, cooing and aahing at the TV! It's so cute, I definitely need to get more! 

My wish list of DVD's at the moment consists of:

The Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast
Snow White
Lion King 2
The Jungle Book
Sleeping Beauty
Lady and the Tramp

Everything else can wait until I have these classics in my collection! 

Have you got a Disney DVD Collection!? What's your favourite film?