Monday, 9 September 2013

Braceface #2

If you didn't see my first Braceface post, click here to find out what it's all about! 

So, as you read, i'm at the start of treatment to get braces fitted and on Tuesday, I went back to the Orthodontist to complete the next step. This visit was a little longer than the first and a little more uncomfortable. I'll talk you through what happened...

Firstly, I had the blue spacers out that you saw in my first post. These had pushed my teeth apart far enough for metal rings to be put around my molars. I had toothache for the entire week and struggled to eat anything that required a lot of chewing (and still am struggling!). She then sized up my back teeth and got the right sized metal rings to go around them. Once this was done, I had 3 moulds done; 2 of my top teeth and 1 of my bottom. This was the part I didn't like! As the mould went onto my teeth, the plaster got pushed to the back of my throat and made me gag. I sat for 3 minutes gagging, eyes watering and feet tapping! I'm glad that doesn't have to happen again...

The metal rings that she sized up were then cemented to my molars in preparation for the brace to be fixed on to. This wasn't so bad, just a lot of pulling and tugging! Once that was done, a quick rinse and I was all finished! 

As it looks, this is SO UNCOMFORTABLE and hurts so much. The metal hooks scrap against the inside of my mouth and I still can't really chew foods much. It took me half and hour to eat dinner Wednesday night so i'm trying to stick to softer foods when I can! 

The next appointment I have is for my teeth to be taken out, 4 of them to be exact and i'm not looking forward to that one bit! I'll fill you in once it's been done and let you in on the next part of my treatment. 

I hope this hasn't weirded you out too much, the pictures are a little gross!