Friday 27 September 2013

Benefit Lipgloss

A few weeks back, I won a competition with Benefit to name their new Carnaby Street Guard. My name of 'Gino Bernardo the Benefit Guardo' won and I won a lovely little bundle of Benefit goodies (take a look at what else I got here). 

Benefit  is a brand i've only recently branched out to this year as it's always been a little out of my price range but since i've been able to control my money a little better than what I did when I was a student, I can afford a few treats every now and then! I must admit, even though some of their things are a little on the expensive side, they're definitely worth it! When I purchased Fake Up, my heart pounded as I pressed 'checkout' and when I realised i'd just spent £18 on a concealer, I thought I must have gone barmy. But, it come and it was worth every 1 of those 18 pounds! 

The Ultra Plush Lipgloss* I got is a really light, subtle pink colour 'Fauxmance' and when applied, it doesn't really have any colour at all (which is what I like in a gloss). I'm more of a matte kind of girl normally but applying this with no other colour on gives your lips a nice, natural finish as opposed to not having any product on them at all. And now the cold weather has set in, my best friend are lip balms because my lips chap SO MUCH and i'm a bugger for picking them too! 

It comes out really easily and doesn't squirt everywhere, unlike some other tubes of gloss i've tried and the smell is amazing! When I first applied it, I was like 'OH MY GOD, GIMME MORE' it smells super sweet and it doesn't taste too bad either. I know you're not meant to eat it but every now and then, you lick your lips and there's nothing worse than a foul tasting lipstick or gloss! 

You can buy this from Benefit for £14.50 in a variety of 6 different colours! 

Have you tried any of the Lipglosses from Benefit!? I'd love to know which one! 


  1. This looks like a gloss I would like. I am not really a big gloss fan but this seems to be a little better than most other glosses out there! Plus if it tastes sweet, I want it!

  2. pretty pink..i love such subtle glosses :)

  3. The name you thought up has properly made me giggle, haha!

  4. LOVE benefit and LOVE lipgloss - this looks gorgeous!! Lucky you! Another to add to my wanted list!! :p

  5. Sounds awesome! I love lipglosses that have a nice scent, some have terrible scents & eek, I never want to wear them!

  6. Well done on the winning name! xXx

    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  7. It's really subtle but still really pretty (:

  8. Looks really pretty! I love Benefit products they're always so pretty and the packaging is cute.
    Congratulations on winning


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