Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What's Millie Doing #3

Oh my god, does this year want to go any quicker!? We're in August already! How crazy!?

Millie is now 15 weeks 2 days old (nearly 4 months) and is changing so much! She's not so much a baby anymore, she's becoming more independent  she does more things without being helped and she is developing her own little personality. We, of course, can't wait for more of what she's doing to happen!

  • She has 7oz at each feed
  • We have started her on one (multi-packed rusk) with her Mid-Morning and Dinner time bottle and also got some baby rice too, although she pulls some right faces at the rice, haha! *Yes, I know weaning shouldn't start until 17weeks but she was showing enough signs to tell us she was ready - insert bad Mom comments below*
  • She now weighs 11lbs 11oz which is still tiny considering some babies are born this heavy!
  • She sleeps through the night now from around 9:30/10pm until 8:30/9am but we have to settle her around 6am with a bit of white noise.
  • She makes all sorts of noises now, she sometimes mimics what we do and talks back to us.
  • She can roll from back to front with no problems at all and also from front to back but she doesn't do to well with this one. 
  • She grabs things with her hands now rather than just hitting things!
  • She easily goes down in her moses basket for naps now and will settle herself to sleep with a bit of white noise.
  • We bought her cot 2 weeks ago but she is yet to go in it as we need to buy a sleeping bag so she can't wriggle and roll around! 
  • She still loves having a bath! She gets super excited when 8:30 comes as if she knows whats coming!
  • She giggles and laughs when you blow raspberries at her and she tries to do it back!
  • She can sit up momentarily and can hold her head really steady.

  • I think for the age she is, she is really progressing and doing really well, especially with her motor skills! I hope she keeps it up! Take a look at some of the snaps we've been getting over her recently... 

    Can you notice the changes in her like we do?