Thursday, 1 August 2013

Natural vs. Beauty

I think I may speak on behalf of most girls out there... But sometimes, putting make up on is just pure effort. Why don't we opt for the natural look more often!? 

I must say that since having Millie, I do wear less make up due to the fact that I don't have time to put it on everyday. Most days I slap a little foundation on, scrape my hair into a top knot and i'm good to go! But why is it we actually wear make up? Does it make us feel better? To make us look better? Just because...? 

Some people only like to wear a minimal amount of make up to hide blemishes and to correct their skin tone. To add a little more umpgh to a make up look, I tend to go bold on the eyes and lips. It's something that I find it easiest to achieve and stands out the most without looking too much. For a night out look i'd simply up the eyes and add a darker shadow or some lashes, But would I go bare faced on a night out?! No... I don't think I would! That's where confidence comes in! 

If a girl doesn't say that make up gives her confidence, then in my eyes, she's lying. What person doesn't feel, if not look better after a good face of make up has been applied!? I know I do! And its not being 'fake' or 'plastic' just because you wear make up and feel good with it on, it's feeling comfortable with yourself and I imagine a lot of girls are comfortable with no make up on too in front of certain people but to brave a crowd can take a lot!

Take a look below to see what sort of things I use on a day to day basis (when I do wear make up) to see what difference it makes to me and if it's really worth it! 


I think a little can go a long way when it comes to applying makeup. A simple colour on the lips and liner on the eye makes such a difference without it looking like too much! I think if my eyebrows were tamed and I had permanent lashes on, I wouldn't feel like I needed to wear make up everyday, or at least not as much of it but that's just me! 

What do you prefer to wear? Make up? Go bare faced? I'd love to know!