Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Karma Bubble Bar

Every now and then, I like to have a lovely bubble bath and use a bubble bar from Lush. We have a jar in the bathroom where we keep them but they don't get used often enough now we have Millie. Taking a bath is a real luxury! 

I have a fair few favourites when it comes to the Lush Bubble Bar range and this has become another one of them. Karma Bubble Bar is a neon orange colour and has a zingy orange scent that fills your bathroom once you've crumbled it into the water! Without making the water dirty looking, it creates a mound of bubbles, even if you only use a portion of the bar (which is what I like to do so I get more than one use out of it)

I really like the bubble bars that you can break up and use more than once, I feel like I have to spend an hour or more in a bath when I use a bath bomb, just to make sure I get my monies worth! 

For just £3.15 I think this is a completely valid excuse to surround yourself with bubbles and take the weight off your feet for an hour or two, don't you!? There is also a range of Karma soaps, lotions and perfume too so go and check them out!

Have you tried Karma before? What's your favourite Bubble Bar?