Wednesday 7 August 2013

I got a PERM!

Yes, it's true... I got a perm! And no, it's not a Granny style one! It just to give my hair more volume & wave! 

If you saw my tweets the other day, I said that I was going to the hairdressers for something a little different and this is pretty different. When I asked my stylist for a perm she just looked at me and said 'A perm!?' and laughed! Luckily, even though I had bleached my hair previously, it was just the ends and the rest of my hair was in really good condition so she just chopped off the ends and put in the perm rollers. I have to say, it wasn't the best experience but I love the end result.

The overall process of applying a perm is a long and smelly one! It's all about breaking the bonds of your hair and re shaping them around the rollers. The solution that does this absolutely STINKS and it takes a while to get all the rollers in and secure. Then there's the added anxiety of what it's going to look like at the end but it's definitely worth it. I did want fuller, bouncier curls but that can't be achieved from a perm so what I have is a more natural looking wave to my hair, kinda like i've slept in tiny plaits all night! 

Obviously I am yet to style it properly as i've been told to leave it until Friday or Saturday before I shampoo and condition it properly, just to allow time for the solution to work its magic! One downside to it is that the solution actually burnt my neck at the back. She had to apply THREE BOTTLES of the perm solution just to make sure it covered all of my hair as naturally, perms are for much shorter hair. I didn't actually realise that it had burnt my skin until yesterday when put my hair up and spotted it in the mirror... Oops! 

I thought a lot about having a perm and last week I made sure that I deep conditioned my hair 3 times to make sure it repaired what it could. There are so many different rumours of what works best on permed hair, some people say not to wash it before you go to the hairdressers but my stylist washed mine beforehand anyway so it doesn't really matter. 

If you are thinking about having a perm though, go in and speak to your stylist to ensure your hair is suitable and be prepared to have a fair amount chopped off if its longer than what mine was! I lost 2/3 inches off the length to ensure I got the best curl/wave. I've also had to go out and buy lots of new products to help with frizz and to control the condition of my hair so keep your eyes peeled for another post on what I got!

People that have straight hair always want curly... People with curly always want straight. You can't win, can you!?

What do you think of my new hair style? 


  1. I think it looks beautiful!

  2. Id never think of getting a perm! But your hair actually looks fab! Maybe you're bringing a trend back Em ;)


  3. Looks nice ouch! I have never heard of people getting burnt and I'm a hairdresser you should go back and show her.


  4. I've aways wanted curly hair.
    But I'd worry that if I did something like this I wouldn't like it and then I'd hate myself forever for doing it.

    lol on a brighter note you look lovely :)
    it really suits youuu.

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  5. It looks so good! I'd love to get a perm like that because its how I style my hair anyway so it would b e amazing to wake up with good hair x

  6. Wow it looks great! But OMG the burn - you should complain!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    1. I agree! Your hair looks lovely Emma, but that's quite a big burn! Does it hurt? xo


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