Saturday 17 August 2013

Flying Friends

Birds are everywhere, we all see them but do we all acknowledge them?!

We don't actually have a garden as we live in a ground floor apartment in a block of 9 flats. There is no communal area but if you have ever noticed, our living room window does back onto a lovely little patch of greenery full of trees and shrubs attracting all sorts of creatures from foxes to robins! 

We're not complete animal lovers but we do our fair bit to help out the little creatures that we can and so we put out bird food for the birds and sit and watch them from our sofa! If the squirrels aren't about, we see Robins, Blackbirds, Yellowtits, Magpies - the lot but sometimes those pesky bushy tailed Squirrels get the better of us and rip down the feeders. 

One thing we do make sure of is that they're 1) in the middle of the tree so that foxes / cats can't get to the birds whilst they're feeding 2) high enough up so that predators can't jump or reach them! It's easy enough to achieve and the higher the feeder, the more birds we tend to see! 

Typical that the days i've waited to get pictures, no birds have stayed long enough to get one!

If you have any sort of tree's by your house, why not pop out and get some bird food or go to Garden Health and purchase some to pop up. Remember, make sure they are well away from any sort of platform predators could get onto and get at the birds! 

Do you have a bird feeder in your garden!? Why not add one! 

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