Thursday 15 August 2013

Fill your home with Sunshine

The summer is here and there's no better way to brighten up your day than to sit in the garden under a gazebo and enjoy it... Or is there!? 

If you're like me and don't have access to a garden, you may feel like you are missing out on the sunshine and need to do a little something to your home to make it feel summery and bright! We are in a ground floor flat which doesn't really see much direct sunlight as one side backs onto a bunch of trees and the other looks over a car park. We find that if it's dull outside we need a lamp or two on to make it brighter inside but in the summer, this shouldn't be the case! 

Some of the things we have done around the house to perk it up a little and bring the sunshine indoors are:

Change colourless sofa throws to brighter ones! Initially, most of the furniture in the flat comes standard so we can't really do much with it but we normally have a black through and a few pillows on it just to make it look a little more welcoming. When we popped to Ikea, we bought a bright orange throw and some brighter pillows to help brighten the room a little and I have to say - it does the job! 

Adding flowers to any part of the home and make it feel brighter and more summery. I love having flowers in the house and feel like we don't have them enough! I popped to Morrisons the other day and picked these flowers up for just £2.18, bargain! 

Lights in the house are an obvious feature to brighten it up when things are a little dull but adding a funky light shade that enhances the light coming out will make it look just that much better. 

Now, if you do have your own home and can splash the cash a little, a perfect way to have it looking less clogged and bulked with furniture is to have glass panels on your stair case. This contemporary design fits perfectly into modern or even traditional homes bringing a light boosting twist! Rather than staring at a blank, wooden staircase, enhance the feature with glass stair balustrade!

Another way to perk up your home and bring the sunshine in is to knock a wall down! Well, not to that extreme but installing Bi Folding Doors that you can open up creates an endless amount of space and sunshine that you can enjoy, no matter what the weather! 

What would you do to 'Fill your home with Sunshine!?'

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  1. Where is that light shade from? I love it! :o x

  2. Really like the light shade, think i need to inject some sunshine in my house to make the vibe a bit more happy x


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