Friday, 2 August 2013

Benefit Fake Up

Can you believe it's August already!? 

I bought Fake Up in May, just after I had Millie because, as you can imagine, my eyes were full of grey circles and huge bags from the lack of sleep we were getting (or lack of blocks of sleep) and I needed something I could rely on to hide those bags so... With lots of amazing reviews on Benefit's Fake Up, I thought i'd indulge and go for it! 

I have to admit, paying £18.00 for a concealer made me a little queazy but I thought that it was worth it so went ahead and purchased it. I actually bought it from Debenhams as I have a Beauty club card and get points. At that time, Benefit were also giving a mini size Facial Immuslifer too, this also justified my purchase! 

After reading loads of really good 'reviews', I noticed that no-one had actually reviewed it after trying it out properly so I thought i'd wait a while until I could give my honest opinion... 

It states that it is a hydrating concealer and I do believe that it hydrates my skin but it leaves it looking super shiny so I found a way to use it that suited me. Some people apply it before foundation, others after... I find that if I apply my foundation first, then this with a matte powder over the top, it works best. As for the 'no crease', for me, it does still crease. After 2 or 3 hours I have to blend it back in with a foundation brush or my beauty blender (which works wonders for setting this concealer by the way!) as it has creased just under my eyelid (where you can see the big creases already) and it just makes them look worse! It does, however, take the edge off my dark circles and create a highlighted effect under my eye rather than showing off the lack of sleep I had the night before! 

Would I buy it again? Yes, more than likely, although I would like to try something that doesn't crease so easily... Any recommendations!? 

What did you think of Fake Up?!