Wednesday 3 July 2013

What's Millie Doing? #2

9 WEEKS! She is now 9 weeks! Can you believe it?!

It's gone so quickly, I struggle keeping up with how old she is when people ask! Its crazy to think that over 2 months ago I was enduring pain to get this little beauty out of me! (read my birth story here)

I always forget to do her updates on the weekly milestones such as 4/6/8 weeks etc so I just do them when I remember! Here's her 9 week update...

  • She now takes 5oz at each feed apart from her nightfeed where we only give her 4oz.
  • Her Colic is a lot better and we've started using gripe water now just when she's a little grumpy after feeds or has struggled to get some wind up!
  • She had her 8 week injections last week and it was horrible. She was crying for her bottle anyway (stupid timing) and when the nurse put the needle into her thigh, he eyes shot open and she screamed! Real tears and everything :( Poor Millie!
  • She sleeps at my Mum and Dads about twice a month on a Friday or Saturday when Adam DJ's. It just means I get a night to myself, which you need once in a while - trust me! 
  • She has a pretty good routine (it does change occasionally though) she will wake for a bottle between 7/8am, then again between 10/11am than again around 1:30/2pm then for her 'dinner' at 5/6pm (i'm normally feeding her when Adam comes home) then we give her her last bottle at 10pm and put her to bed where she sleeps straight through till 4/4:30am and it starts all over again. 
  • She can definitely see faces now as she smiles at me everyday when I smile and talk to her.
  • She is making lots of 'coo'ing, 'gah'ing and 'ahh'ing sounds... its so cute! 
  • She likes to play on her Jungle Gym for 10-15 minutes in the morning after her 10am bottle and sits kicking the animals and talking to them!
  • She can hold her head up with no problems what so ever now and she also tries to sit up when she's laying on my legs or in her swing too! 
  • She still loves having a bath! She will kick her legs and coo and gah all the time that she's in it!
  • She doesn't like to be put on her tummy much but i'm trying to have tummy time everyday so she strengthens her neck muscles. She's already starting to pull her legs up too so I think she'll be a quick crawler!

  • Im nor sure what other milestones she should have reached by now but i'm pretty happy with the progress she's making! She's growing up super quick but I can't wait till she develops her own little personality! 

    What things was your little one doing at 9 weeks?

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    1. Aww your daughter is beautiful. Am due to have my second in 5 weeks I'm both nervous and excited. Time goes so quickly, my little girl Abigail is now 4 and I can't remember half the baby stuff she done at this stage!! It seems like a blur xx

    2. Oh my gosh what an absoloute cutie she is xx

    3. Aww bless! She's such a cutie! Love her little green bow hairband!

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