Thursday 4 July 2013

Oops, how did that happen: Haul.

You know the time when you just 'pop' into town and end up bringing home like 5/6 bags of stuff apart from the one thing you went in for... Yeah? Well, that happened to me today! 

I wanted to try and get myself a decent but fairly cheap pair of flipflops, just because I never have anything to just 'shove on' that goes with most things other than my ridiculously smelly black dollys! (yuk!) So, this morning, I ventured into town to hunt down a pair, Primark being the place I would go and I also needed to pick up some size 2 teets for Millie as she's drinking more now. (she would have been doing so earlier if we had upped the amount and swapped to a faster teet, oops!)

Primark was unsuccessful in the flipflop hunt but I did managed to pick up a feeeeeww other things from around town and also treated Millie too! 

Jeans - £25 River Island (this is my first pair of jeans that i've owned for about 4-5 years and although they're a size 16, i'm happy that i've found a pair that suit me! Yay!)
Models Own Nail Wraps - £1.60 Boots
Nail Rock Nail Wraps - £1.80 Boots
Minnie Mouse Sun Hat - £3.00 Mothercare
'My Friend Emily' Doll - £10.00 Mothercare
White Peep-toe Shoes - £5.00 Primark
Pants - £1.00-£2.00 each Primark
Cami's - £4.00 each Primark

The sales aren't so good by me although everything I did pick up was in the sale, apart from Primark.

Have you treated yourself to anything new lately?

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  1. Love the white shoes! xo

  2. Those cami vests look amazing for Primark! Also the cuteness of that hat is too much.

  3. THose jeans are lush! I love comfy slouchy jeans like that, they're the best!

  4. Lovely purchases, especially those jeans.. they look great!



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