Friday, 19 July 2013

Now that i'm a Mum...

I guess it's pretty obvious that things change once you become a parent but I think some things are a little harder to understand unless someone was to tell you about them beforehand. I imagine that all new Mom's have days or moments when they think 'Is this really happening!?' I know I do and I bet Adam feels the same. But I just want to share some of the things that I personally feel have changed or happen now that Millie is here.

Now that i'm a Mum, I...
- Have gained a huge amount of respect for single parents. Mums OR Dads... It's bloody hard work! 

- Appreciate the small things like soaks in the bath and lie ins!  

- Have learnt to catch sick as quick as it comes up! 

- No longer have time to straighten or curl my hair so top knots are the way forward! 

- Have got used to drinking cold tea and coffee. You CANNOT enjoy a hot drink when you have a baby! 

- Have adapted to sleeping no longer than 3/4 hours at a time without waking up wanting to check on Millie.

- Put Millie before everything I do!  

- Have learnt to multitask extraordinarily. I can feed Millie, check Twitter, eat a sandwich and watch TV... Kind of.

- Have developed a supersonic sense of hearing due to listening out for moans and groans in the night. White Noise app is now my best friend for blocking out background noises from neighbours! 

- Feel like I should dress more 'Mommy like' but fail to even GET dressed most mornings. 

- Have learnt to save money rather than spend it unnecessarily. I still treat myself every now and again though. 

- Now have the experience of true, unconditional love for my little family. 

There are some more things that i'd love to include but I feel that these are the ones that stand out amongst the rest. I may do a follow up post of random things that happen to me now i'm a Mum such a poo explosions and bath time experiences, aha... But i'll save that for another day! 

Have you noticed any of these things now that you're a Mum or when you became a Mum?!