Friday, 12 July 2013

Models Own Nail Wraps

Painting my nails never seems to work out for me. I always end up smudging them before they're dry or peeling the varnish off a day after it's been on! So when I saw these Nail Wraps for £1.60, I had to have them! 

I'm a big fan of Models Own polishes. Their colour ranges are super bright, just what I like in a varnish and I have a few that I tend to lean towards when I do actually paint my nails, so when I saw these for the price they were, I thought i'd give them a go. Honestly, my first thought was 'they'll last longer than varnish does' because initially, (i hoped) they would on my nails! 

They come with a nail file too so that you can apply them anywhere and everywhere with ease. Or so I thought....

The first wrap went on fine. I applied as it stated on the back, peeling it off, applying it to a clean, buffed nail and then shaping once applied. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out like that for the rest of them...

The wraps didn't seem to fit onto my nails at all. Whether it's because my nails are quite long, they just lifted straight away. I even used the buffing side on the nail file to try to stick the wraps onto my nails as much as I could but it just didn't seem to work. They looked a mess! And because the nail file was so rough, I ended up ripping some of the wraps at the top and had to reshape my own nails too! 

I think they would have been ok if my nails were short but they definitely didn't work on my long nails. They come off instantly and I won't be applying them again anytime soon.

It's such a shame because I love the print, so unless i'm doing something wrong, it may need to state 'suitable for short nails' on the packaging. If I had paid full price for these, I would NOT be happy! 

Have you ever tried nail wraps before? Did they work for you? 

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