Monday, 15 July 2013

Millie's Christening

As you know (if you follow me on Twitter), we had Millie Christened yesterday and it was a lovely day for it too. 

I was bought up a Catholic but Adam is a Christian so because of the strong religion my family (Grandma) holds, we got Millie baptised in my local church. It was the first time both families (immediate members) got together including... My Mum & Dad, Sister & Brother, Grandma, Grandad, Aunty (her partner) and Uncle then Adam's Mum & Dad, Brother, elder Brother (his partner) and Sister, her kids and Partner. Oh, and my best friend, Jess, popped along too! Phew. It was a lovely day and Millie only cried for about 10 minutes through the entire service and a bit at the end for photos. Typical! 

She wore a gorgeous dress that we got from Next and she was spoilt with gifts too getting money off her Great Grandma & Grandad and Great Uncle Carl, a Silver bangle with a pink diamond in off her Grandma and Grandad, Money off her Uncle Thomas, a personalised photo frame with her name and date of birth off her Aunty Rebecca and a money box off her Great Aunty Melanie and a photo frame off her Aunty Lucy! We're going to get her a St Christopher for when she's a little older and Adam's also going to get one too so they have matching ones, how cute!

 (apologies for the picture quality - some were taken by my Mum on her notsogood camera and I stole them)

I'm really glad both sides of the family have come together as it probably won't happen very often. 

Have you had your baby baptised or thinking about it? 

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