Wednesday 17 July 2013

Lush Birmingham Bloggers Event

The lovely lot at Lush (alot of L's there) invited a few Birmingham based Bloggers down to the their store to have an exclusive, first time bloggers event. This is my second event with the company, my first being with Nottingham Lush store but both very different from each other.

We were welcomed with open arms into the store to first try some of the delicious vegan and veggie friendly food that was put on by 'The Warehouse Cafe' including some amazing selections of humous and flatbreads and also a 'Space Girl' lemonade which was delish! We then heard a little about the company and why they thought that themselves and Lush went perfectly hand in hand due to the economical values they both stand for as companies. 
We then gathered round and had a little lesson in skincare. We were paired up and gave one another a mini Lush inspired Facial. Using a cleanser, toner and moisturisor, all suited to our skins needs, we tried out how to give the perfect facial using these 3 main products from the Lush skincare range. I hadn't actually tried any of the toners so I made sure I paid attention so that when I was next in, I can pick up another to try out. 
Jen then took us through the process of making 'Cosmetic Catastophe' fresh face mask using fresh blueberries! You can't say it gets fresher than that! It was such a nice way to spend the evening and the whole team definitely know what they are talking about. Each Lush store is completely different but the staff are always so friendly and helpful that you can never walk out empty handed. 

All the boards in Lush are also handwritten and even in the warehouses that the products are made in have the same writing too! How cool is that!? We were kindly given a few products to try out which included a face mask, cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Look out for reviews on them coming soon! 
Thank you to the guys over at Lush Birmingham for hosting such a fabulous event, I look forward to seeing you all soooon! 


  1. Aww looks lovely, my local lush is having an event soon I can't wait to go.


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