Sunday, 28 July 2013

Home Improvement Hero

I must admit, i'm not a very DIY type of person. I've only been living in the flat for 9 or 10 months since leaving university to have Millie and since then, I haven't really put my own stamp on it because we're hoping to move into a house soon and its too much effort to paint walls etc but when Moneysupermarket offered me the chance to take part in their 'Home Improvement Hero' I thought it'd be a good chance to spruce up the bathroom as we've wanted to tidy it up for a while now. 

Being a girl, I obviously have way too many shower gels, shampoos, face washes etc and to be honest, so does Adam! It just got to a point in our bathroom that we had no clear storage or organisation to it and just ended up chucking whatever was being used regularly in a box on the floor or stuck on the window! 
I didn't really think it would take much to tidy it up and improve it really so I scored the shops for a neat storage unit, some pieces to house bath bombs (we don't really use bubble bath that often as I like to keep stocked up on Lush products) and a new soap dish to stop the soaps disintegrating all over the bath and sink! 

 Shower curtain - £4.99 Argos
Mats - £2.99 Argos
Glass Jar - £5.75 Wilkos 
Soap dish - £1.50 Wilkos
Stack of drawers - £19.99 Argos
Hand towels - £1.00 Wilkos
 Bath bombs - £10.40 (already owned some) Lush 
Total spent £46.62

 It looks so much better less cluttered and more organised. It actually looks like a brand new bathroom again! This just proves that even if you aren't a DIY type of person, on a tight budget, you can still make over a room and give it a loving feeling again! 

Will you be taking part in #homeimprovementhero 

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