Monday 8 July 2013

Easy Bun Tutorial

I've wanted to do this video now for a while and although it's not the best it could have been - I gave it a go! 

One of my go-to hair styles is a messy bun. It's so simple to do and can be done in less than 5 minutes too! I sometimes add in my extensions to give the bun a bigger, thicker look but this video is just using my natural hair.

All you need is:
A brush
A Hair Bobble
A Hair Donut (or a sock rolled in on itself)
Some Hair Grips

Step one: Put your hair into a pony as you would normally 
Step two: Place donut or sock bun maker over the bobble and pull your pony through
Step three (optional): Back comb your hair to give more volume when in the bun
Step four: Push your hair down and around the bun maker and tuck it in, starting from one side and working round
Step five: Grip into place any loose ends that may appear from under the bun. 

Ta dah! 

I used my Scaredoo at the start of this video to ensure my hair was nice and smooth for when I pulled it into a pony and that there was no knots when I back combed it before styling! 
You can get your own Scaredoo here or check out my review here

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  1. I've never backcombed my hair before tucking it all in, I'll need to give it a go! Buns are my go to hairstyle now, so easy and they look great!


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