Monday 24 June 2013

Travel: Cornwall 2013

Last week we took a little trip to Cornwall. And our quote for the week was 'We're on holiday, ent we!?' 

I have never been to Cornwall before but some Adam's family live there so before Millie was born, we booked a little cottage in Bodmin so we could go and visit family once she was born so they didn't miss out on her being a baby and also, gave us a chance to have a little break away from the norm that is life at home. The cottage was in a lovely spot hidden in the middle of no where that you had to drive down some ridiculous lanes to get to but was so peaceful. We had a 2 bedroom cottage that on site, had facilities such as a hot tub, fishing lake and summer house and use of 2 BBQ's with a communal picnic area. It is in a small plot of 4 cottages all together and it was a perfect base for what we went down there to do! Ill leave the link here if you want to check it out for yourself, I highly recommend it if it's a short break that you're after! 

On the night we arrived, my friend from Univeristy came to stay the night as I haven't seen her since February. We were planning to have a BBQ but the heavens opened which literally pissed on our bonfire so we cracked open some wine and had an indoor bbq instead! It was lovely to see her although I feel we bombarded her with conversation about babies and nothing more, haha! Sorry Hats! 

Day 2 we went to Mevagissey, A gorgeous, quant working fishing town that had tiny gift shops and local produce being sold on every corner. This was the day, (if you saw my twitter you will know this) that I dropped my LIMITED EDITION MAC LIPSTICK and never even realised until we went back where we had come from to eat our fish and chips and I noticed it on the floor. After several questions of 'Is that my lipstick!?' to Adam, I went over and picked it up and it was!!! CRUSHED AND BROKEN, I was devastated!! Its still wearable though but doesn't take away from the travesty that happened! 

Day 3 Was a gorgeous day so we decided to go to the Eden Project and nip into see Adam's Grandparents in Par. I will be doing a seperate post for the Eden project as I took so many photos so keep an eye out for that coming soon! 

There was a field of cows next to us and it was so funny, when we went over they all just stared...

Day 4 we went to Fowey. Although the weather went a little grey and started raining, we had a wonder round the little shops and streets before we had to go back to the cottage. It isn't really ideal if you've got a pushchair though as cars come up and down the tiny streets every 5 minutes. But we did manage to get a pasty and eat it on the seafront... Then a bird shit on me. Great. Later on we ventured down some ridiculously tight lanes to go and get some Cider that was freshly made - Adam got 5 litres of it for £13.00 and it even came in a proper 5 litre tub! 

There was so much more that we could have done but there just wasn't enough time to fit it all in so hopefully, when we go back we can do the other things that we wanted to and Millie will be bigger then too so won't be as dependant on feeding times etc. 

We had an amazing week, just a shame the weather wasn't brilliant. Typical England, hey!? 

Have you been to Cornwall? What did you get up to whilst you were there? 


  1. You got some amazing photo's and some super cute snaps of Millie. Glad you had such a nice time, very jealous of the BBQ and outside hot tub haha x

  2. Aw your little girl is so cute :) Lovely photos x

  3. great post! i reallly love your blog! you have great taste, it looks amazing!
    please could you check out mine? would be such an honour!!!

  4. loving the look of the outdoor hot tub, could just about go for that right now! x


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