Tuesday 4 June 2013

What's Millie Doing?

I thought i'd dedicate a few posts a month to Millie, just to update you all on her progresses and how she's getting on. 

I know most of you probably follow me on Twitter and on Instagram, every other picture is of Millie. I can't help it though, she's so damn cute! She's now 5 weeks old and it has gone SO FAST. It doesn't seem like 5 minutes since I was in hospital enduring all those hours of pain to get her out... 

I'm not really up to date with what things she should be doing by this point but i'll try and make a list of everything we think she is achieving- all babies ARE different though I guess so it's never going to be the same for everyone so if your little one isn't doing some of these things, don't panic!

  • She takes at least 4oz of Milk at each feed
  • We thought she may have been suffering with Colic so we changed her milk to Aptamil Comfort and also got some Colief Drops to help ease her pain which seem to be working. We are going to try and get her off the drops and try her with just the milk though as it's £12 per bottle and it doesn't last long!
  • She's having about 6 feeds a day and until last night, waking up once during the hours of 10pm and 6am for her 'night feed'
  • She had her first sleepover at Grandma & Grandads (my Mum & Dads) and slept for the first time from 10pm till 4:30am!
  • She slept through from 10pm until 6am this morning! YAY! 
  • She can see clearer now as she watches us if we're close by and her eyes are slowly turning Blue, just like Adams. 
  • She will smile (sometimes) if you talk to her in those silly baby voices everyone does when a baby is around!
  • She has got used to her swing and now falls asleep in that, although her favourite place to sleep is on mine or Adams chest! 
  • She likes noise so most nights we sleep with a 'White Noise' app on that mimics the sound of a hairdryer and it has also been a lifesaver for us when she is having one of her crying bouts! It calms her near enough instantly and will help her settle off to sleep. Genius! 
  • She has now moved into the 'big bath' and loves her baths. She lies there all chilled out like 'Yeah... Look at me, i'm cotchin' in the big bath' 
  • I'm starting to dress her in more clothes now rather than baby grows all the time so she looks like a proper little girl
  • She's starting to 'coo' when she's sitting in her bouncer or on her mat 
  • She follows the noise of her rattle when she's on her jungle gym 
  • She can hold her head up steadily when she's being held and loves to look around!

Like I said, i'm not too sure about some of the things that she is 'supposed' to be doing at 5 weeks old but I think her progress is great and she is changing every day. I try to take a picture of her each day just for personal memories to see how much she is changing... When they say 'they grow up too fast' they really do! (Jeez, I sound like my Mom!)

I may be 5 weeks too late, but all the pain in labour was DEFINITELY worth it now I look at her, but i'm not going to be rushing into having another baby any time soon! 


  1. She's so cute!! x

  2. Aww she's really cute :) The time flies...I can't believe Tyne is 10 weeks old!
    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  3. She's so cute! Taking a photo everyday is something i wish i done as they do change so fast. Sounds like she's doing great and i'm glad her colic seems better xx

    1. Oh also love your new layout x

    2. Oh thanks babe. Yeah they do change so quick!! Shes grown loads and just seems to get bigger and bigger! Shes in 0-3 month clothes now, all her newborn and first sizes are way too small :(


  4. Love your new layout Emma! Millie is such a little beauty! xo

    1. Thanks babe! Hopefully you'll meet her sooon!



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