Wednesday 19 June 2013

Tinytoes Hair Bows

When I found out I was having a baby girl I was so excited but to be honest, the only thing I dreaded was the fact that I knew she'd be dressed in PINK for the majority of the time...

When I was little, and even now... I've never been a 'girly girl' and never really been into pink so I wasn't going to go mad and dress Millie in all types of pink either but when I saw these cute little headbands, I knew it was something that i'd have to do! 

I have seen quite a lot of homemade headbands on sites like etsy and eBay but always been a bit sceptical of the quality so took a while to look around and see what I can find. Other than paying ridiculous prices in stores for them, I wasn't going to get any cheaper than these! I found them on eBay from a seller called 'Tinytoes' and at 99p (75p P&P) each for the flower headbands and £1.20 for the bows, you can't go wrong! 

 I wanted to get a variety of colours so I can mix and match them with all her little outfits she's got and now she's starting to wear more outfits rather than baby grows, I thought it'd be a nice little touch to the outfit and it definitely makes people go 'awwwww' whenever they see her, ha! 

The quality is so good. The ribbons are nice and stretchy so they aren't tight on her head but there's also enough give so they will last a good few months still. She doesn't seem to mind having them on either but I guess when she knows how to take it off, she probably will! 

I'm so glad I found Tinytoes and will definitely be buying some more when she gets bigger! Go and check out her eBay store... They are great treat for someone you know who's expecting a little girl or if you have a baby girl yourself! 

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  1. They are so cute! I wish they did them in my size!

    Charlotte - xx


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