Sunday 30 June 2013

Modern day Education*

Now, I know you're probably thinking "Millie can't even sit up yet, let alone play with an iPhone' but, this topic is something I have researched and been keen on ever since I started university last year. It was actually going to be one of the topics I had planned to choose for my dissertation (but I never got that far thanks to a bit of hanky panky)! 

When you see or hear the word EDUCATION you automatically think of school, books, teachers... Boring stuff, right? Well, you may be forgetting that we live in the 21st Century now and education can come in so many different ways - one of these controversial ways is Games Consoles or devices such as iPhones, iPads, Tablets etc. Although these devices tend to receive a mixed review in terms of providing our children with knowledge and education, games have become available that provide a fun, educational platform to further children's development, e.g. scrabble, words with friends, alphabet quizzes and also simple hand eye co-ordination games you can get on the Nintendo Gameboy / DS (which can be found here).

I think you need to remember that a child will learn better doing something they find stimulating rather than being sat and told they must read a book. All children have different learning styles too, some would prefer to read whereas some like to involve other people and be active in their learning. Gaming consoles such as the Wii will provide this stimulant but also engage the child in education without them knowing. 

Education and learning doesn't just cover the forms of reading, writing or counting but also day to day activities and games consoles may provide a way of children learning about these things. Looking at it with an open mind, a child that plays racing games may have a better awareness when it comes to driving than a child that never played them. Obviously, it goes tongue in cheek when I say this as the argument that may slap me in the face is the war games children play don't necessarily have a positive impact on their lives. 

Gioteck make a range of gaming accessories, such as gaming pads, headsets etc that will support a child in playing and learning at the same time. They are also in the process of manufacturing some accessories to be used on handheld consoles / devices, so keep an eye out of those coming soon! 

Do you agree that a gaming device can encourage a child to learn or do you think education should be kept to books and schooling? I'd love to know your opinion! 

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