Thursday 6 June 2013

Mega Plush Mascara

I think my most adored makeup product must be mascara. I love big lashes and I am known for my false ones but I also like building up my real lashes - especially when I can find a good mascara that helps me do just that! 

When I was browsing the stands in Boots I noticed the promotion stand for Mabelline's Mega Plush Mascara. When it comes to mascara there is one thing I have to check all the time and that is the thickness of the wand as I hate the flimsy plastic-y ones you get sometimes but because this comes in packaging, I couldn't see the wand apart from the picture it showed on the packaging - did I take a gamble and buy it to try or stay clear and avoid disappointment? Well, what sort of blogger would I be if I avoided it and didn't take a risk, huh!? 

It was on offer for £6.99 so I grabbed it without a second chance and whacked it in my basket! 

I didn't want to build my lashes up too much so the picture above shows the before and after 1 coat image of the mascara and as you can see, it makes a HUGE difference with just one coat! I normally go back over once i've finished off my makeup with another coat or sometimes a different mascara, depending on what sort of thickness i'm after but with one coat of this, it's enough for a simple everyday eye! 

The wand itself is a good thickness but has a very flimsy stick (don't know how else to describe it) and there's a little ridge about an inch away from the brush itself which is meant to give flexibility. I just find it hard to get back into the tube rather than give me flexibility when using it on my lashes! 

It's not my favourite mascara but it's definitely one for the collection and after using Maybelline Falsies for a while, I wasn't disappointed. 

Have you tried Mega Plush? What did you think? 


  1. Would you say it makes your eyelashes quite 'spidery'!?

    Lovely review

  2. Great review - I've been tempted by this for a while. Love the natural look it gives :)

    Katie xx
    The Stylinguist

  3. Looks like a good mascara - I might have to try this if it is on offer :)

  4. i've never strayed away from maybelline mascaras really (i always try others and come back to maybelline every time!) so i think i will give this a try! thanks for the lovely review

    bec X

    1. I love to find new mascaras but i think my favourite right now is Lash Vegas from Barry M - You should give it a go, its amazing!!


  5. Replies
    1. Oohh, i'll have to keep an 'eye' out for that one ;)



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