Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lush Roots

Lush cosmetics have got to be the most addictive thing ever. No matter what it is, I'll always try it out! 
When I went to the Bloggers event at Lush Nottingham, I was kindly given a sample of 'Roots' to try out. Now... As I have mentioned in a few hair posts, I do suffer with greasy hair so when it comes to hair treatments, I am always a little sceptical as to how they are going to work for me. Roots did not disappoint, I'm glad to say!

(I apologise for using the web image but I forgot to take pictures and used the last little bit up last night!)
Roots is a treatment that boosts your hair 'from root to tip' but I was advised, due to my greasy hair, not to use it on my roots as much but to focus on my ends. So that's how I have used it and I bloody love it! With a peppermint fragrance, it leaves my hair smelling so fresh and clean and puts the softness back into it as well. Because I dye my hair so frequently, the ends break really easily so this gives it the little bit of TLC that it's after. 
I have found that if I was my hair first then apply Roots for about 10-15 minutes, swill off with clean water and re-wash my hair, it doesn't feel too dry but when I used it after shampooing and just washed it out, my ends felt dead dry and my scalp become really greasy - even though I didn't apply it to my roots! I guess the technique with this is to try different ways of using it until you find the best that suits you! 
I love a good hair pamper every now and again so when I go back to a Lush store, I'll definitely be making a re-purchase of this bad boy! 
Have you tried Roots? What's your favourite hair treatment from Lush?!