Monday 3 June 2013

Double Volume Hair Piece*

Yes, more hair extensions. I think i'm slightly addicted...

This one is a Double Volume Piece that you can use to boost your own hairs volume (dependant on length) or use it as a piece on its own, hiding your own hair. 

At the moment, due to Little boo, I don't really get time to get ready properly in the day unless she's sleeping and to be honest, even then, unless i'm going out, isn't really a cause for getting dressed so I tend to top knot my hair and whack on a pair of jama bottoms then i'm pretty much good to go. Friday, my Mum and Dad had Millie for the day and night so it gave me chance to have a good play about with some of my new makeup bits and also put in some extensions. I first reached for my clip in's and then remembered I had this little beauty stashed in my wardrobe! Out she came! 

This is probably my favourite piece out of all the one's I have so far as it's super long and shiny and I love the curls in it. My 1/2 head fibre piece was like this but as i've worn it so much, the curls aren't as bouncy anymore :( booo! It fits so snug on my head too which is a bonus as it doesn't feel like I need to keep adjusting it to make sure it won't fall off! 

It comes with 2 combs that slide into your own hair and I have found that the best way to apply it is to firstly tie up your own hair and pin as securely to your head as possible and then this will then fit comfortably over your own hair and the comb will slide in at the top and bottom of where it's pinned up... Simple! All you need to do then is to blend your own hair over the join to make it look natural and if you are blessed with gorgeous, volumous hair - this won't be too difficult to do. If like me you have thin, vile locks then it'll take some back-combing and maybe a small quiff to help it blend better.

Take a look at my video to see how easy it is to apply... 

It literally takes no longer than 5 minutes to style and attach so if you're like me and want fabulous hair in minutes then go grab yourself a Hair Piece from Sallys Glitz & Glam.
(The brand of the Hair Pieces is Beauty Works. Sally's Glitz & Glam supply and sell the hair. Colour used is Hot Toffee)

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  1. this is beautiful! you look amazing Emma xx

  2. Your hair looks lovely! I need to invest in some extensions, I've found since being pregnant my hair has lost all bounce!! Yours looks really good.xx

  3. An accessory for the hair that increases both volume and length is called a double volume hair piece. The wearer's natural hair is connected to the hair piece, which is VIDEO ANIMATION STUDIOS IN LOS ANGELESnormally composed of synthetic or human hair, using clips, combs, or other fasteners.


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