Tuesday 25 June 2013

There's no 'normal' family

So, today's post is going to be a bit personal but I hope that a lot of you will be able to relate to it in some shape or form...

As you probably know, I am studying a degree for Childhood and Youth studies as part of the Open University and at the moment it's covering families and home life. Now, these 2 subjects can be very touchy for some people as they come from a broken home or step-families, but I just want to make sure you know that you're not alone. 

Not many people would know that I never actually knew my biological father, he left my Mum when she was pregnant with me. I've never seen a picture of him and have no intention of ever seeing him. All I know is his name and to me, that's more than enough. For a man to walk out on a woman when she needed him most, doesn't make him a man at all. Why would I ever want to know who he is if he is capable of something like that, huh!? The story does get better though, my Mum then met my Dad (I class him as my Dad because he is!) when I was a few months old through a mutual friend who happened to be my Dad's niece - they then fell in love blah blah and he adopted me into the family name, he is the only Father figure I will ever need in my life. I have a step brother and sister who, unfortunately, I don't see anymore but also have a little sister and brother too whom I think the world of! So, you see... Not everyone comes from a perfect home! 

There are so many different family structures in today's society, with gay marriages being legalised in more places and single parents families increasing, I can imagine there is so much scope over what a 'normal' family consists of. If you are surrounded by people you love, whether you are blood related or not, that is your family. 

My Dad has always told me that whenever I have a problem, not to worry about talking to them because what ever it is, will we get through it together. And whenever I used to have fall outs with my friends, he used to say 'You only have one true friend and that's your Mum' and he is right. Your Mum will be your best friend all your life. She won't let you down and she won't lie to you, although you may have fall outs, it's completely normal, but now I am a Mum myself, I could never imagine not having a relationship with my Daughter and I hope that in years to come, she calls me her best friend.

If you come from a 'normal' home then make sure you treasure every moment you get with your parents and siblings as there are some people that aren't as fortunate as you but would love to call their family and home-life 'normal'. But for you people that don't nessicarily have a 'normal' structure to your family, don't worry... You're not alone! 



  1. love your blog dear!
    could you please check out mine? would be an honour!!
    thank you!

  2. This post made me smile :).

    Love your blog :)

  3. Yes, this has strung a chord with me..my fathers mother died when he was 3 and he father put him into a childrens home...my father only found out when he was 12 he had a sister...sadly he has never seen a picture of his mother. His father then died when he was 14.So he was an orphan at 14. x


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