Thursday 20 June 2013

Caravanning it

As you saw a few weeks back, Adam's parents have a static caravan in Tewksbury which is in a lovely little spot situated in a Water Park, right next to the lake! It's a perfect get away for us at the moment, especially with Millie as it's nice and easy to get to and means we get to be outside in the sunshine for a bit because we don't have a garden back home! 

I have always loved camping / caravanning holidays, i've been on them ever since I was tiny with my grandparents and then my Mum and Dad joined the crew and bought a trailer tent so we went on even more. Every year we'd have a camping holiday in May and then go abroad during the Summer holiday - I used to love it! I really want to bring Millie up to enjoy the outdoors so this will start things off nicely and I know she's too young to know whats going on but the fresh air won't hurt her and when she's a little older, she'll enjoy going and staying in Nanny's caravan at weekends just as much as we do! 

Next year we do hope to take her abroad too and we're looking into renting a villa for a week or two so we have our own little space and is like a home away from home. As she'll only be a year old come April 2014, we didn't want to go to a hotel as the fuss of having to eat out or in the restaurant and then putting her down for a nap in the afternoon will prove too much and won't feel like a holiday! So if any of you know of any nice villa's anywhere that you would recommend, please do so! 

Do you enjoy camping holidays!? 


  1. Aww we always used to go on caravan holidays to Wales as kids, I always loved it!!

  2. Caravanning is totally more convenient and your lil one is so gorgeous.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  3. I used to go camping (tents) a lot when I was younger :) Great photos x


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