Tuesday 11 June 2013

Body Shop BB Cream

I've never really been one for BB creams as I like a heavy coverage when wearing foundation. Go heavy or go home I say! 

Body Shop has always been a 'hidden' gem in my eyes. Their brand doesn't get enough hype but the products are fabulous. I remember when I was little, my aunty always used to buy her makeup from Body Shop including her brushes and also her shampoos and body lotions. I always thought it was super expensive and that I would never be able to afford anything from there but hey, who knew... I could! 

I adore the body lotions as they smell SOOOOO good and leave your skin feeling lush but I have never been brave enough to try any of their makeup products apart from eyeshadows which I had a little quad of when I was at school. With summer approaching, I unfortunately become a victim of oily skin, even more so than now and I sweat easily (gross, I know) so if it's a hot day, foundation is a big no-no! Bearing this in mind, I thought I should start hunting for a lighter coverage or maybe even trying out a few BB / CC creams, this being one of them. 

Now, the first thing you'll probably notice is that the cream seems quite 'bitty' but once blended, that texture disappears but unfortunately leaves a very orange tinted effect on my skin. Maybe I should have got 01 Light but I thought that in summer, I should hopefully have a tan but this is definitely too orange for me. 

There is no fragrance to it though which to me, is a good thing but it doesn't really give much coverage at all and I found it was quite drying on my skin. I don't know whether it's because I want a lot more coverage to even out my pores or I need to try a lighter shade, but it really didn't make me swoon. 

For £12.00* I don't think it does the job for me and I will have to continue trying out more BB creams to see if I can find one that suits me better or stick to a lighter coverage foundation and hope I don't sweat it all off! 

Do you wear BB creams?! What is your favourite?! 

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