Thursday, 9 May 2013

S/S Wish List: #3 Denim

Adding to my S/S Wish list are the denim pieces i've come across... 

I've always been a fan of shorts but jeans tend to be a no-go with me due to my huge ass... I can never seem to get any jeans that fit! I'm hoping that now i've had baby this will change and I can find myself a decent pair of 'boyfriend' jeans and if not, i'm going for some dungarees! 

Denim shorts are so versatile and remind me of summer when you can literally just shove on any old top and trainers and head down to the beer garden and enjoy the rays. This summer maybe a little different to 'normal' but I do plan to hunt down some little shorts and get my legs out, NO MATTER WHAT! 


Are you a lover of denim?!